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Enjoying Shady And Quiet Atmosphere at Sijori Resort & Spa Batam

To refresh my mind after a week's work in the office, I and some friends have a plan to spend the weekend at a tropical resort, where the resort is surrounded by trees that certainly refresh the atmosphere.

Sijori Resort And Spa Sekupang Batam

Located on Jalan Ir. Sutami No. 6 Sekupang, Sijori Resort & Spa is the 1st wellness Resort In Batam & member of healing Hotel of the world, another that location Resort so close to International Ferry port Sekupang to Harbourfront Singapore, and nof far from the resort is also available nature tourism provided spots instagramable photos are being in love by the citizens of Batam.

Our arrival was greeted kindly by the receptionist staff, then we did the checkin, while we waiting for the check in prosess to finish we also enjoy welcome drink and relax in the lobby area is quite wide.

 Lobby Area Sijori Resort & Spa Batam

While we were relaxing enjoying a welcome drink, we meet with Mr. Viki Wahyudi as Marketing Communication Manager. He explain to us that the Sijori Resort & Spa has been operating for 27 years, and recently renovated in recent years, Sijori Resort & Spa is the only health -themed resort, as evidenced by the use of land around the resort area which is planted variously plants that are beneficial to the body, so the plants are processed in the form of herbal medicine. And this herb will be distributed to guests who stay there everyday.


There are 42 rooms that have been provided by Sijori Resort & Spa for guests, where the type of room that can be selected is Superior, Deluxe and Bungalow, And we choose Deluxe to spend the weekend here.


The room i occupy has a deluxe twin type, where in the room there are 2 beds that a very comfortable mattress quality for the body, a long sofa bed, flat screen Tv, telephone, wardrobe, 2 pajamas, slippers, deposit box, chairs, decorative glass, minibar with 2 cans of drink, water heater, coffee, sugar, tea, and 2 bottle of mineral water.

Deluxe Room
To the bathroom there are 2 large towels, 2 small towels, soap and shampoo with aromatherapy scent, and a shower equipped with hot and cold water.

Bathroom from Sijori Resort & Spa Batam

Upon leaving the room, again i was presented with a pampering sight of the eye, where there are two chairs to relax while looking at the green garden stretched in front of the eye,  Aaah i am very comfortable to be there.

Front of  Deluxe room  Sijori Resort & Spa Batam


By utilizing 6 hectares of green land, Sijori Resort & Spa plant a variety of plants that can be beneficial to health, The plants are processed by the hands of experts and presented in the form of health drinks namely herbal medicine. There are several types of herbs that are ready to be distributed to guests every day is
  • Saffron -colored rice
  • Wild Ginger
  • A Hot Ginger Drink
  • Turmeric Acid
  • Galangal
  • Betel




For breakfast, Courtyard Restaurant provides several kinds of food such as chicken porridge, omelette, fried rice, fried noodles, various salads, fish fillets, vegetables, fried sausage, fries bread with various jam, coco crunch with fresh milk, tea ,coffee and syrup mixed with lemon slices. Interestingly most of the vegetable provided were plucked directly from the resort area.
Courtyard Restaurant not only for breakfast, but also be used to for lunch and dinner as well.

Courtyard Restaurant Sijori Resort & Spa

Menu Breakfast from Courtyard Sijori Resort & Spa


This one of the facilities that most like every guest, with the different levels of depth, this pool is suitable for all ages from children to adults. In Addition the swimming pool here also provide a variety of floating for swimming.

Play Floating Shark 

For the adult pool, the depth of the pond is 2.8 meters. This pool can be for those who want to learn diving too. But for now, Sijori Resort only provides the pool only, and for diving equipment can be brought by each guest. As a barrier between adult and child pools, there is a pool bar in it.

Pool Side in Sijori Resort & Spa

To provide the best service,  for guests staying at sijori resort besides getting free shuttle from resort to shopping centre, and free shuttle from Sekupang International port to resort, guests also get  activities MINI GOLF. And for Archery and Fishing  guest just pay Rp 100.000/pax

Archery at Sijori Resort & Spa

Mini Golf At Sijori Resort & Spa

Fishing Area At Sijori Resort & Spa


There are three types of Spa treatment offered at Sijori Resort & Spa namely Body Massage, Scrubs, and Body Mask, all materials used for this treatment is using natural materials. Every oil has essential oil and aromatheraphy and every month there is a different aroma.

Sijori Resort & Spa is not only able to stay but is open for anyone to hold company gathering or for meetings, and party. So, guys if you interested to feel comfortable in Sijori Resort & Spa, more information:


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  1. I like the moment when open my eyes in the morning.
    Get some fresh air and beautiful view.
    Very like it.
    I hope to stay right there again. ^^

  2. Keren nih Sijori Resort & Spa, letaknya yg jauh dari keramaian membuat liburan jadi tenang dan menyenangkan. Susana alam disini menambah kesempurnaan liburan disini membuat betah berlama-lama stay disini. Kolamnya luas dan banyak pelampung aneka model yang bebas digunakan, jadi asik nih

  3. Mewah banget jadinya ya kak dengan tampilan baru ini. Adem juga karena banyak pohon.

  4. Unik ini resort, jarang-jarang jamu dijadikan sebagai welcome drink di Resort. Benar-benar wellness resort. Gak tanggung-tanggung, semua diperhatikan untuk membuat tamu pun menjadi sehat.

  5. Suasananya masih asri banget yaa, byk pepohonan bikin adem n betah


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